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Under the Oaks

Love, trust, and mutual respect between a dog and its handler is a beautiful sight!


My training philosophy specializes in turning boring training sessions into play, resulting in  the dog's desire to obey your requests. 

Quality over quantity! Fun over rules! Consistency matters! I'll show you how you can accomplish a lot in short 5-10 min training/play sessions a day. 

I teach using: Simple Vocabulary, Marker Words, Charging Commands and Redirecting your Dog. 

My experience comes from years of handling 18-25 dogs a week. Dog training classes have helped but hands on experience outweighs anything I've learned in a class. Dogs learn and are motivated differently. My training doesn't require your dog to fit into my training style, I use the style that best motivates your dog.  

I am currently offering one on one training sessions. Here are some of the most requested issues I cover in a training session: 

• How to prepare for your new puppy or rescued dog • Potty training • Crate training • Marker training • Beginning leash conditioning • Collar conditioning • Managing your dogs behavior • Safe and Healthy Socialization Puppy nipping • Children and puppies • Loose leash walking • The benefits of exercise pens • Leash reactivity issues • Using everyday activities to create structure • Basic house manners • Basic Obedience • Developing a drive for play and fetch • Games and tricks you can teach your dog

Dog Training

Providing Individualized Service & Training; 

Not Inflexible Methods 

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